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Share the love. Mexican food, lovingly made from scratch, delivered anywhere.

Start your next party or meeting with a fragrant, right-off-the-griddle, hand-made corn tortilla and the attitude that you can do anything. Slather on our Charred Tomato-chipotle Salsa, pile on one of our delicious House-smoked Meats, or go vegan instead. Then load up on all the fixings — Guacamole, Picked Carrots, Garlic-herb Crema — you get the picture. Add on some creative sides like our Spicy Jicama-apple Slaw and rich Mexican Chocolate Brownies for dessert and you and your guests are in taco heaven.

See our NEW Taco Bar Menu for your next event or get together for 5+ guests.

Our Story

In 1988, my husband Marvin Beck and I opened Rocking Horse Cafe in Chelsea. Inspired by our first drive through the Sierra Madres and our love of all things Mexican, we and our dedicated staff have been committed to offering the very best sustainable, local, organic Mexican cuisine to the people of NYC and its visitors from around the world.

At Rocking Horse, we maintain the traditions that keep our dishes so popular because they are part of the taste and texture of the best of Mexico's cocina nueva. We start with traditional ingredients — chiles, avocado, corn, beans, squash, lime, tomatillos, tomatoes — and transform them into exciting new recados, complex pastes, sauces and marinades, like those hidden little gems found in the Mercado Abastos in Oaxaca.

We absolutely love bringing the deliciousness of Mexico to NYC at our beloved Rocking Horse Cafe.

— Roe Di Bona

Tortillas on Eighth

We make handmade tortillas at Rocking Horse Cafe everyday.

My first encounter with Mexican Indian food traditions began with nixtamal, a Nahuatle Indian word for corn, one of Mexico's indigenous crops used to make tortillas. The women in tortillarias in Mexico, and at Rocking Horse, make the process seem so easy, but it's not! They chat and laugh while dipping their fingers in water, wetting them just enough to moisten each ball of corn dough made from the grinding of reconstituted dried corn kernels. If the tortilla puffs up when heated on a comal it will be light, fragrant and delicious. Talented women, such as Rosalba, who has been with us for 15 years, master this art over years of practice.

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